Scenario 1 - getting to know the API

The SharePoint Online API has about 60 commands. This is a low number in comparison to other modules. This is because there are other SharePoint APIs available and the Online API focuses on tenant and site collection operations. In this sample, we will try to visualize the entire command set. The end result might be a useful reference, but the script itself is a good example of how to manipulate collections in PowerShell. Take a moment to review the list of commands. The first command in the list is Get-SPOAppErrors:

SharePoint Online Command Count (build: 6323): 65Noun                                   Verbs ----                                   ----- SPOAppErrors                           Get SPOAppInfo                             Get SPOCrossGeoMovedUsers                  Get SPOCrossGeoUsers                       Get SPODeletedSite Get, Remove, Restore ...

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