Chapter 10. Commercializing AI

Commercializing any product is really about putting it in front of users. For most software teams, this means building and deploying an app for customers, be it on the web, a mobile device, or a desktop. We discussed the need for putting software and AI in front of users early and often in the previous chapter. If you can achieve that in a work⁠able product, you have commercialized.

Yet commercialization goes beyond just putting software in front of users. In this chapter, we go beyond talking about just deploying our app to discussing other factors. We will look at the ethical concerns that we as developers should consider when building a new AI. Then we will jump back to familiar territory and look at how to package up a Colab app for use. After that, we will look at various options for deploying your app and using it. Then we will finish up the last section by reviewing the future of AI apps and your next steps in building practical AI.

In this chapter, we look at a number of considerations when building new AI. Here is a preview of the main topics we will cover:

  • The Ethics of Commercializing AI

  • Packaging up the Eat/No Eat App

  • Reviewing Options for Deployment

  • Exploring the Future of Practical AI

To complete the exercises in this chapter, you will need to have completed the exer⁠cises in Chapter 9. Cutting-edge AI not only breaks technical boundaries, but it also addresses ethical and moral issues, which we will talk about in the next ...

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