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Yiyi SunPractical Application Development with AppRunhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4069-4_10

10. A Real-World SPA

Yiyi Sun1 
Thornhill, ON, Canada
RealWorld ( https://github.com/gothinkster/realworld ) is a project that demonstrates how to build a full-stack application by developing a blog application— a clone of medium.​com, called Conduit.1 Conduit has the following general functionality:
  • Authenticate users via JWT (login/signup pages and logout button)

  • CRU* users (sign-up and settings pages—no deleting required)

  • CRUD articles

  • CR*D comments on articles (no updating required)

  • GET and display paginated lists of articles

  • Mark articles as favorites

  • Follow other users

RealWorld is meant to be the new TodoMVC. Its specifications include ...

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