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K. S. GarewalPractical Blockchains and Cryptocurrencieshttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5893-4_15

15. The Helium Network

Karan Singh Garewal1 
Toronto, ON, Canada

In this chapter, we are going to examine the topology of peer-to-peer networks and contrast this with the client-server model, which is the dominant model of computing on the Internet. After this, we will set up a Helium peer-to-peer network on the localhost loopback address 127.0.x.x. This network is useful for testing Helium.

In the previous chapter, we built most of the functionality of a Helium mining node. However, we did not expose mining nodes to the Helium network or indicate how this can be done. There are a number of outstanding questions concerning ...

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