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Practical C

Book Description

Learn practical C techniques, including often-needed algorithms within reusable functions. In this book, you'll have the following code and advice at your fingertips: layout and pre-processors; control structures, iterations, and selections; pointers and structures; databases; reusability; lists, arrays, FIFO and stacks; searching and sorting; recursion; binary trees; integration; string utilities in/outside of C; web serving using Mongoose; game application code to build a MathSearch puzzle; and embedded software.

Besides providing you with modules that you can immediately put to use, Practical C also teaches you how to leverage the C language in a way that beginner books cannot achieve.

What You Will Learn:

  • Avoid pitfalls that can cause intractable problems

  • Handle lists and arrays

  • Perform searches and sorts

  • Binary trees

  • Take advantage of recursion

  • Handle exceptions

  • Access databases

  • Calculate integrals using numerical computation with practical applications

  • Deal with strings in a convenient, error-free way

  • Build a MathSearch game application, similar to WordSearch puzzle games

  • Deal with issues specific to embedded applications

Who This Book Is For

Programmers who have a general knowledge of C