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First, I want to thank Rick Lucas, my coauthor for this book, because he has always been available to me and
makes many complicated issues seem so easy. Thank you, Rick, for sharing and writing with me.
I would like to thank the many sponsors for ha
ving condence in me and supporting my educational eorts.
Always a special thanks and hug to Scott Kelby (the world’s best and fastest book writer) for his sincere yet
humorous encouragements, and Je Kelby for his condence in me to become a Photoshop World Dream
Team member.
A heartfelt thanks to D
ave Mets, David Sparer, Steve Inglima, and all of the Canon reps, who are so
encouraging to me in so many ways as an Explorer of Light and Print Master with Canon.
Thanks to all of the models and image contributors who grace this book (their names are included within),
especially the amazing artist Bert Monro
y for his yellow submarine on page 61 of my rst book (since I forgot
his credit line).
A special thanks to artist Edgar Lituma, who crea
ted graphics for this book, including the scanner and
monitor graphics.
ETCM_book.indb 10 10/6/06 4:25:34 PM
My editor Colleen Wheeler at O’Reilly, who totally rocks, is so smart and insightful, and her contributions
have been instrumental in organizing the subject matter covered in this book. She has been my teacher in
so many ways. My technical editor Jon Caneld has also br
ought much-needed clarity to this pr
oject. I’d like
to thank everyone else at O’Reilly who has helped to bring this book to fruition, especially Steve Weiss for
conceptualizing this project series, and recognizing and believing in me.
hanks for the help and loving support from
Andy Hern, Becky and Randy Huord, Steve Best, Stoney Stone,
Louise and Joseph Simone, Ken Sklute, Peter Sorenson, Jane Conner Ziser, Judy Host, Lou Freeman, Monte
Zucker, Hadi Doucette
, and Lisa Jane Murphey.
How encouraging it has been to learn from so many amazing and talented people who have inuenced my
understanding and continue to educate me: Julieanne Kost
, Katrin Eismann, Ben Willmore, Jack Davis, Bruce
Fraser, Je Schewe, Russell Brown, Andrew Rodney, Deke McClelland, Scott Kelby, Jan Kabili, Martin Evening,
Jim DeVitale, Don Emmerich, Seth Resnick, Jack Reznicki, Ed Pierce, John Paul Caponigro, Stephen Johnson,
Kevin Ames, and so many more who I may have inadvertently omitted.
Thanks to my friends at Software-Cinema—Linda Collins, Gary Burns, David Burns, and sta, who always
encourage me to produce my educational DVDs.
Thank you to the many helpful friends from the Professional Photographers of America and National
Association of Photoshop Professionals. Also, a special thanks to Adobe Systems, and the many experts who
are always willing to share.
Most respectfully, I
want to thank Darryl Cohen for his exceptional guidance and prescience.
Thanks to the most important people in my life: my two wonderful and supportive children, Ian Vaughn Tapp
and Ivey Raine Tapp, who ll my life with much love and who I am so very proud of. Thanks, also, to my loving
sister Nancy Hendrix, and especially to my two amazing parents, Max and Mildred Tapp, who have always
given me encouragement and have been my greatest support in my life and career. Thank you, Mom and
Dad, for all your lov
e and support.
Most importantly, I want to thank God for the multitude of love and blessings.
ETCM_book.indb 11 10/6/06 4:25:34 PM
ETCM_book.indb 12 10/6/06 4:25:49 PM

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