Data preparation

In Chapter 11, Working with Twitter Data, we explored how to create a bag of words from the Tweets Sentiment140 dataset. In this chapter, we will complement the example using MongoDB. First, we will prepare and transform the dataset from CSV into a JSON format in order to add it into a MongoDB collection.


We can download the Sentiment140 training and test data at

We will download and open the test data; the columns represent sentiment, id, date, and via, user, and text. The first five records will look similar to this:

4,1,Mon May 11 03:21:41 UTC 2009,kindle2,yamarama,@mikefish Fair enough. But i have the Kindle2 and I think it's perfect :) 4,2,Mon May 11 03:26:10 UTC 2009, jquery,dcostalis,Jquery ...

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