Chapter 9. Natural Language Processing with the Google Cloud Natural Language API

“How often do consumers cut companies loose because of terrible service? All the time.”

Harvard Business Review, “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers”

Jeana is the Sr. Director of Customer Service at Big Bonanza Warehouse. According to the CEO the job is simply: “turn angry customers into happy customers.” Angry customers have lots of power to hurt companies, since they can not only stop doing business but also multiply their effects by voicing their complaints via social media. Big Bonanza (along with every other company in the world!) is hyper-sensitive about what customers are saying about them online.

Customers register their complaints through the consumer-facing web storefront in a contact form designed to gather descriptions of their issues. Big Bonanza hooks up this contact form directly to SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to capture these notes and create trackable complaint documents. After the CRM complaint is created, Jeana’s team steps in. Her team deals with hundreds of complaints every day. They make their best effort to react quickly and provide quality service, but Jeana knows that in the daily pile of complaints are customers who will churn away if they do not get high-quality service, fast.

Duane, the SAP business analyst, also has deep knowledge of CRM. Jeana pitched him an interesting idea: “I have budget available to give small gifts or offers to customers who ...

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