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B. L. GormanPractical Entity Framework Core 6https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-7301-2_14

14. .Net 5 and EFCore5

Brian L. Gorman1  
Jesup, IA, USA

In this chapter, we’re going to have a brief discussion about the November 2020 version of the .Net ecosystem: .Net 5. This book has used EFCore6 throughout the samples, but there are a few features that were released with EFCore5 that were not possible until it was released. As such, I wanted you to spend a little time just exploring a couple of the new things you can do as of the EFCore5 release.

One framework to rule them all, with more coming

One thing of note is that with the .Net 5 release that happened in ...

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