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10. Tower Defense

Ben Tyers1 
Worthing, West Sussex, UK

This final game will put into practice everything you have learned so far, plus it will introduce a few more elements.

In this game, you will shoot and damage the enemy from turrets. You can place, buy, sell, and upgrade the turrets.

So that you can test the game at various points, you will start by creating the rooms. They are
  • room_splash

  • room_start

  • room_level_1

  • room_level_2

  • room_level_3

  • room_level_4

  • room_win

  • room_gameover

All of the rooms are 800 x 800 in size.

This game makes use of five scripts. The first is scr_menu_info , which sets the sub-image and draws text depending on whether ...

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