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9. Match 3

Ben Tyers1 
Worthing, West Sussex, UK

The little game you’ll make in this chapter is a basic remake of the classic Match 3 game. The aim of the game is to match three or more of the same sweet, which is done by swapping over adjacent sweets.

This game makes use of just six sprites, so go ahead and load them in now:
  • spr_block (which is a strip of seven images, 32 x 32)

  • spr_border

  • spr_make_move

  • spr_please_wait

  • spr_star

  • bg_1

The origin of all of the sprites is middle center, except for bg_1, which has a default setting of top left.

There are two sounds, snd_match and snd_no_match, which can be added now.

There are three scripts. The first ...

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