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Bhushan Lakhe, Practical Hadoop Migration, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1287-5_5

5. The Hadoop Ecosystem

Bhushan Lakhe

(1)Darien, Illinois, USA

Couple of years back, I was taking a train home one evening and catching up on my round up of new Hadoop tools. A co-passenger was having a covert look at my laptop, and after a while his curiosity was just piqued too much to let it go. “What area do you work in?” he enquired. I said I was an architect and focused on Big Data as well as warehousing. “Big Data!” he exclaimed. “Sounds like black magic to me.” That was the common sentiment a few years back and has not changed much since.

It is often confusing and overwhelming when you start using the Hadoop ecosystem, and it takes time to know and ...

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