© Scott Shaw, Andreas Francois Vermeulen, Ankur Gupta, David Kjerrumgaard 2016

Scott Shaw, Andreas François Vermeulen, Ankur Gupta and David Kjerrumgaard, Practical Hive, 10.1007/978-1-4842-0271-5_6

6. Loading Data into Hive

Scott Shaw, Andreas François Vermeulen2, Ankur Gupta3 and David Kjerrumgaard4

(1)Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

(2)West Kilbride North Ayrshire, UK

(3)Uxbridge, UK

(4)Henderson, Nevada, USA

Let’s say you have built a data lake in your organization and one of the lines of business has requested for a new use case to be implemented, for example, a 360 view of the customer. When you consider the details of the use case, you find that analytics needs to occur on all the customer data residing in the existing operational systems, data warehouse, ...

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