Kits for Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

The Docbase kit ( includes the family of modules used in Chapter 6, and Chapter 7:


Essential CGI functions


Common definitions and functions for the Docbase system


Dynamic generation of input forms; previewing; validation; record storage


Convert meta-tagged headers into sequential and tabbed-index controls


Navigational controls for dynamically viewed Docbases

Contents of the Docbase Kit

The kit also includes a set of templates for the ProductAnalysis docbase illustrated in the book, along with some sample records. Here is the complete list of files included in the kit:

MANIFEST Changes Makefile.PL lib/ lib/Docbase/ lib/Docbase/ lib/Docbase/ lib/Docbase/ cgi/ProductAnalysis/docbase-template.htm cgi/ProductAnalysis/dynamic-navigation-template.htm cgi/ProductAnalysis/dynamic-sequence-template.htm cgi/ProductAnalysis/form-template.htm cgi/ProductAnalysis/frame-template.htm cgi/ProductAnalysis/ cgi/ProductAnalysis/seqinfo/seqinfo cgi/ProductAnalysis/static-sequence-template.htm cgi/ProductAnalysis/ cgi/ProductAnalysis/ cgi/ cgi/ cgi/ cgi/ web/ProductAnalysis/docs/1999-06-24-000001.htm web/ProductAnalysis/docs/1999-06-24-000002.htm web/ProductAnalysis/idxs/idxs web/ProductAnalysis/seq/seq ...

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