Kit for Chapter 15

The dhttp kit ( installs by unzipping into any subdirectory on a Unix or NT box equipped with Perl 5. You’ll need CPAN’s DBI and a DBD datasource driver if you want to run the apps I’ve included with dhttp or try your own database-oriented apps. You’ll also need CPAN’s Net::NNTP for the HelpDesk (hd) app described in Chapter 9.

The dhttp distribution divides into the following three parts.

1: dhttp Top-Level Scripts


The main driver; starts the engine and load the apps


Demonstrates code replication


Demonstrates data replication

2: Engine Components


The miniature HTTP server


Methods visible both to web clients and internal methods


Methods visible only to internal methods

./lib/dhttp/Engine/edit_ file.htm

A system-level template for the Engine::PubUtils::do_edit_ file( ) method

3: Application Components

sfa (a sample contact manager)

The sfa module


Subdirectory for bios of contacts


Template for the company pane


Template for the contacts pane


Template for the contact-history pane


Template for forms to add, edit, or view a company record

./lib/dhttp/Apps/sfa/sfa_add_contact.htm ...

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