Practical IPv6 for Windows Administrators

Book description

Practical IPv6 for Windows Administrators is a handy guide to implementing IPv6 in a Microsoft Windows environment. This is the book you need if you are a Microsoft Windows Administrator confronted with IPv6 and in need of a quick resource to get up and going. The book covers the current state of IPv6 and its support in Microsoft Windows. It provides best-practices and other guidance toward successful implementation.

This book is especially written with the goal of translating your current expertise in IPv4 into the new realm of IPv6. Special attention is given to dual-stack configurations, helping you to run IPv4 and IPv6 side-by-side and support both protocol versions during a transition period.

Practical IPv6 for Windows Administrators is also a fast reference you can look at to get something done quickly. It covers IPv6 addressing, management of IPv6 from Powershell, Advanced Firewall configuration, and use of IPv6 in Hyper-V and virtual networking environments. You'll find practical examples showing how IPv6 integrates with all the standard tools you use for IPv4 today, tools like DNS and DHCP. You'll also find insider knowledge on IPv6 that can help avert stumbling points on the road to deployment.

  • Provides a quick path from IPv4 expertise to IPv6 implementation

  • Gives best-practices specific to Windows on IPv6 and dual stack networks

  • Is chock full of practical examples showing how to manage IPv6 on Windows

  • What you'll learn

  • Understand IPv6 addressing and how it works in Windows

  • Implement best practices involving IPv6 for Exchange, IIS, and SharePoint

  • Manage IPv6 from PowerShell and the Windows Advanced Firewall

  • Deploy IPv6 from virtual networking environments such as in Hyper-V

  • Integrate IPv6 into Windows Server functions such as DNS, DHC, and Active Directory

  • Take advantage of IPv6 transition technologies that are supported in Windows

  • Who this book is for

    Practical IPv6 for Windows Administrators is ideal for those working with Microsoft Windows operating systems who need to implement IPv6. The book is is designed for Microsoft Windows Administrators, but is also useful for developers, network engineers, and storage administrators who are involved in the architecture of Windows solutions.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Dedication
    3. Contents at a Glance
    4. Contents
    5. Foreword
    6. About the Author
    7. About the Technical Reviewers
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. Introduction
    10. CHAPTER 1: IPv6 the Big Picture
      1. IPv6 Now
      2. Market Drivers
      3. Business Drivers
      4. Service Providers
      5. Why Is IPv6 Important to Microsoft
    11. CHAPTER 2: IPv6 Support in Windows
      1. Microsoft IPv6 History
      2. Current IPv6 Networking Stack Implementation
      3. Features and Functions of the Stack
      4. Tools Available to Manage IPv6 in Windows
      5. Tools Available to Migrate to IPv6 in Windows
      6. Transition Technologies
      7. Microsoft’s Long-Term Goals with IPv6
      8. Some Final IPv6 Support Thoughts
    12. CHAPTER 3: IPv6 Addressing
      1. IPv6 Address Basics
      2. IPv6 Address Structure
      3. Defining Common IPv6 Terminology
      4. Types of IPv6 Addresses
      5. Unicast
      6. Unicast Transition Addresses
      7. Multicast Addresses
      8. Anycast Addresses
      9. ICMPv6 Protocol
      10. Assigning IPv6 Addresses
      11. Windows OS Address Behavior
      12. IPv6 Address Planning and Design
      13. Additional IPv6 Addressing Resources
    13. CHAPTER 4: IPv6 Best Practices for Windows
      1. Microsoft Best Practice Resources
      2. IPv6 Best Practices for Windows
      3. IPv6 Best Practices Overview
      4. IPv6 Transition Technologies
      5. Internet
      6. Internet Edge
      7. Firewalls
      8. DirectAccess
      9. DMZ Services
      10. Microsoft Exchange
      11. Microsoft Lync
      12. Microsoft IIS and SharePoint
      13. Microsoft SQL Server
      14. Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policy
      15. Microsoft File and Print
      16. Microsoft Windows Server
      17. Microsoft Windows Client
      18. Wide Area Networks
      19. Remote Offices
      20. Additional IPv6 Best Practices Resources
    14. CHAPTER 5: IPv6 and PowerShell
      1. IPv6-Specific PowerShell Commands
      2. General Networking PowerShell Commands
      3. IPv6 Transition PowerShell Cmdlets
      4. IPv6 IPsec PowerShell Cmdlets
      5. IPv6 VPN PowerShell Cmdlets
      6. Conclusion
    15. CHAPTER 6: IPv6 and the Windows Firewall
      1. PowerShell Transport Layer Filters
      2. Understanding Profiles
      3. PowerShell Advanced Firewall Rules
      4. Individual Server Firewall Management
    16. CHAPTER 7: IPv6 in Hyper-V and Virtual Networking
      1. Hyper-V and IPv6
      2. Hyper-V Network Virtualization and IPv6
      3. Virtualizing Windows
    17. CHAPTER 8: IPv6 and DNS
      1. How Is DNS Different for IPv6?
      2. IPv6 DNS-Specific Records
      3. IPv6 rDNS Domain
      4. Installing Windows DNS
      5. Managing IPv6 DNS Records
      6. Operationally Managing IPv6 DNS
      7. Other Types of Name Resolution
      8. IPv6 DNS Challenges
    18. CHAPTER 9: IPv6 and DHCP
      1. How Is DHCP Different for IPv6?
      2. DHCPv6-Specific Attributes
      3. Installing Windows DHCPv6
      4. DHCPv6 Scopes
      5. Changing the Windows Client DHCP Settings
      6. Operationally Managing DHCPv6
      7. Other Address Allocation Methods
      8. DHCPv6 Challenges
    19. CHAPTER 10: Miscellaneous IPv6
      1. NCSI on Windows
      2. Prefix Policy Table
      3. NPTv6 and NAT66
      4. Carrier Grade NAT
      5. SLB64
      6. Formats for IPv6
      7. Common Tools That Support IPv6
      8. Other IPv6 Transition Technologies
      9. Order of Interfaces in Windows
      10. Do Binding Orders Matter?
      11. IPAM in Windows
      12. Microsoft Private Cloud and IPv6
      13. Azure and IPv6
      14. IPv6 and Microsoft Support
    20. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Practical IPv6 for Windows Administrators
    • Author(s): Edward Horley
    • Release date: December 2013
    • Publisher(s): Apress
    • ISBN: 9781430263708