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F. ZammettiPractical JAMstackhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6177-4_5

5. Building JAMboard

Frank Zammetti1 
Pottstown, PA, USA

Now that you’re all but a JAMstack expert, know a fair bit about React, have played with Gatsby, and have seen one static site built, let’s put it all together and make the leap to building a more “proper” application, an app that does something!

With this chapter and the next, we’ll put an app together, using Gatsby to give us a jumpstart. In the process, we’ll get to see something called Netlify, and we’ll finally get a look at some APIs (though those two things come in the next chapter because before then, we have to get the basic app built and working on our own machine first).

So, let’s jump ...

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