Appendix B. Technology Certifications

The term “MLOps” directly implies a firm connection with IT, Operations, and other traditional technology disciplines via the phrase “Ops.” Technology certification has historically played an essential role in validating the skills of industry professionals. The salary for certified professionals is impressive. According to Zip Recruiter, in February 2021, an AWS Solutions Architect’s average wage was $155k.

One way to think about this topic is to consider the idea of a “Triple Threat.” In basketball this means a player that is so well-rounded they have achieved 10+ rebounds, 10+ assists, and 10+ points in a basketball game. You can apply this same approach to an MLOps career. Have a portfolio of examples of your work, get certified, and have either work experience or a relevant degree.

AWS Certifications

Let’s cover some AWS certification options.

AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect

I recommend certifications for MLOps specialists on the AWS Cloud. The AWS Cloud Practitioner is a more gentle introduction to the AWS certification world, similar to the AWS Solutions Architect certification. I have often taught this certification to students of many different types: Data Science Master’s students, nontechnical business professionals, and current IT professionals. Here are some of the more common questions and the answers related to both certifications, with a particular eye toward a person with a machine learning ...

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