Chapter 9. MLOps for GCP

The best bonsai teachers have both a mastery of the reality and an ability not only to explain but to inspire. John once said, “Jin this part and wire it so it will dry with a nice shape.” “What shape?” I asked. “You decide,” he replied, “it’s not for me to sing your song for you!”

Dr. Joseph Bogen

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is unique compared to its competitors. On the one hand, it has been marginally enterprise-focused; on the other, it has world-class research and development that has created category-leading technology, including products like Kubernetes and TensorFlow. Yet one more unique aspect of the Google Cloud is the rich collection of educational resources available to students and working professionals through

Let’s dive into the Google Cloud with an emphasis on using it to perform MLOps.

Google Cloud Platform Overview

Every cloud platform has pros and cons, so let’s start by covering the three main cons of the Google Cloud Platform. First, with Google trailing AWS and Microsoft Azure, one disadvantage of using Google is that it has fewer certified practitioners. In Figure 9-1, you can see that in 2020, AWS and Azure controlled over 50% of the market, and Google Cloud was less than 9%. Hiring talent for the Google Cloud Platform is more challenging as a result.

A second disadvantage is that Google is part of what Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff calls surveillance capitalism, in which “Silicon Valley ...

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