Appendix 1

Survey results

A total of 977 people from all over the world answered the survey. Table A1 shows the raw results used throughout this book (with only minor spelling corrections); you will note that not every question was answered by everyone.

Table A1

Types of library respondents worked in

What type of library do you work in? Total %
Academic library 395 42.93
Special library 116 12.61
Large public library 63 6.85
Medium public library 138 15.00
Small public library 80 8.70
One person library 10 1.09
School library 6 0.65
I’m a student 16 1.74
I’m unemployed at the moment 5 0.54
I don’t work in a library (but I do work with libraries) 62 6.74
Other 29 3.15
Grand total 920

Each question offered a field ...

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