Appendix E. About the Authors

Joshua Drake is the co-founder of Command Prompt, Inc., a PostgreSQL and Linux custom development company. He is also the current author of the Linux Networking HOWTO, Linux PPP HOWTO, and Linux Consultants HOWTO.

John Worsley is the co-founder and lead developer of Command Prompt, Inc., located in idyllic Portland, Oregon. His projects include the LXP Content-Management Apache module, a variety of DocBook-oriented XML utilities, and a host of custom PostgreSQL-based solutions.

Command Prompt was founded in late 1997 as an Internet application development firm, and functioned originally as an after-hours company working with PostgreSQL, Perl, and PHP. Since January 2000, when it became Command Prompt, Inc., the company has specialized in advanced web-based application development using PostgreSQL and languages such as PHP, C++, Perl, and Java. The firm’s primary efforts are in the area of their PostgreSQL Application Server (included with this book) and specialized development, such as e-fulfillment systems,

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