Nesting Loops in Loops

The block of statements inside a loop can contain another loop. In this code, the inner loop is executed once for each item of list outer:

 >>>​​ ​​outer​​ ​​=​​ ​​[​​'Li'​​,​​ ​​'Na'​​,​​ ​​'K'​​]
 >>>​​ ​​inner​​ ​​=​​ ​​[​​'F'​​,​​ ​​'Cl'​​,​​ ​​'Br'​​]
 >>>​​ ​​for​​ ​​metal​​ ​​in​​ ​​outer:
 ...​​ ​​for​​ ​​halogen​​ ​​in​​ ​​inner:
 ...​​ ​​print(metal​​ ​​+​​ ​​halogen)

The number of times that function print is called is len(outer) * len(inner). In Table 12, Nested Loops Over Inner and Outer Lists , we show that for each iteration of the outer loop (that is, for each item in outer), the inner loop executes three times (once per item in ...

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