The Entry Widget

Table 31-1 gives the bindings for entry widgets. When the table lists two sequences, they are equivalent. The table does not list all the right arrow key bindings; there are corresponding bindings for the left and right arrow keys.

Table 31-1. Entry bindings.
<Button-1>Sets the insert point and starts a selection.
<B1-Motion>Drags out a selection.
<Double-Button-1>Selects a word.
<Triple-Button-1>Selects all text in the entry.
<Shift-B1-Motion>Adjusts the ends of the selection.
<Control-Button-1>Sets insert point, leaving selection as is.
<Button-2>Pastes selection at the insert cursor.
<B2-Motion>Scrolls horizontally.
<Left> <Control-b>Moves insert cursor one character left and starts the selection.
<Shift-Left>Moves cursor left and extends ...

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