Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” refer to figures and tables, respectively

2-track digital recorders 3637, 270275

3-band equalization 152

3-pin (XLR-type) connectors 53, 9293

16-bit resolution 291

24-bit resolution 291


AAC (MPEG Advanced Coding) 408

AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) 416

Ableton Live 361

Absolute Sound, The (magazine) 450

Accordions, microphone techniques 145

Accurate imaging 243244

Acidized (RIFF) WAV file 359

ACID products 362

AC line voltage 383

Acoustic bass

frequency ranges 96t, 157t

microphone techniques 137138

Acoustic guitar

frequency ranges 96t, 156, 157t

microphone techniques 132133

Acoustic panels 27


diffusion 25

echoes 22, 2528

good sound in classical music recording 242

leakage ...

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