C H A P T E R  3

a4j:* Tags, Features and Concepts

In previous chapters we covered the RichFaces <a4j:ajax> tag, which extends and upgrades the standard <f:ajax> tags with more features and options. In this chapter we are going to continue covering a4j:* library tags, features, and concepts. We will cover additional tags that fire an Ajax request, such as <a4j:poll>, <a4j:jsFunction>, advanced rendering options using the <a4j:outputPanel> component, advanced execute options, and numerous upgrades to the standard Ajax client queue.

Sending an Ajax Request

In this section you will learn how to use three new RichFaces components to send an Ajax request: <a4j:commandButton> (and <a4j:commandLink>) is a button with built-in Ajax behavior; <a4j:jsFunction> ...

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