Chapter 10. Scrollable Data Table and Tree

This chapter was written by Ilya Shaikovsky, one of the RichFaces developers.

This chapter demonstrates how to use two very popular and often used RichFaces components, the <rich:scrollableDataTable> and <rich:tree> components.

Using <rich: scrollableDataTable>

<rich:scrollableDataTable> is just one more iteration component. But, in comparison with <rich:dataTable>, it provides some extra built-in features that are useful:

  • It can fetch rows via Ajax when a table scrolled.

  • It can select multiple rows.

  • It can resize columns.

  • It can set fixed columns.

  • It can sort columns.

The biggest benefit of this component is that it allows you to represent large tables—possibly with thousands of records, for example—in one table ...

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