Software Requirements

Before the VOCAL system can be installed onto your machine, you must have the following software installed and running:

  • One of the following versions of Linux, Red Hat:

    • Version 6.2; kernel: 2.2.14; compiler: g++ 2.91.66

    • Version 7.1; kernel: 2.4; compiler: g++ 2.96

    • Version 7.2; kernel: 2.4.9; compiler: g++ 2.96

  • Apache server (we tested with the version that came with Red Hat 6.2, Version 1.3.19-5)

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 1.3.1_01 or higher

  • Any browser that supports the JRE version that is currently being offered by Sun Microsystems (see


We tested with JRE Version 1.3.1_01. New versions of this software come out on a regular basis. Check with to see which versions are being supported today.

This section tells you how to acquire and install these products if you don’t already have them. If you are familiar with Linux and Apache and have JRE Version 1.3.1_01 or later loaded on your machine, skip ahead to “Verifying Networking Requirements.”


This material is being written in the fall of 2001 with respect to the current versions of VOCAL, Red Hat, and the JRE. By the time you read this, newer versions of these packages will be available, and if you are working with a later version of VOCAL than 1.3.0, different version numbers of the supporting software may be required in some of the following commands. We also have no control over the availability of either JRE 1.3.1_01 or Red Hat 7.1. As always, check the ...

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