Provisioning Interface Libraries

Two sets of libraries are available for client applications that require PServer support. One set of libraries, PSLib, works with C++, while the Comm package is used with the Java platform.


The PSLib is a C++ library, which acts as an interface for client software to communicate with the Provisioning server and vice versa. It is responsible for providing message transport (HTTP-encapsulated XML data content) to accomplish the following:

  • Request Provisioning server to perform data retrieval (search/sort).

  • Send update (creation/replacement/deletion) requests for data stored in the Provisioning server. An application can insert a new database record, update the values of a set of selected fields within a domain, or update the values of a selected set of fields confined by a database search result.

  • Monitor data changes during runtime by providing client registration and notification of data updates. An application can request the Provisioning server to notify it whenever some data in a domain or a specific database record is changed. The application provides a callback function to PSLib. When changes occur in the domain or record of interest, the Provisioning server sends a message to PSLib, which invokes the registered callback method of the client.

  • Parse responses from queries sent to the Provisioning server and cache the XML content in a searchable structure.

  • Provide a set of simple, generic APIs for clients to access and manipulate individual ...

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