Topic 1

Strategy Development, Then M&A

Topic 1 presents an overview of the fundamental elements typically addressed in the strategic planning process; explores a number of work activities, approaches, and ideas pertinent to the process of developing strategy; and explores where mergers and acquisitions (M&A) fit in the strategy development and execution process.

The reader is encouraged to take the time to read through the Appendices referenced in the text of this and all remaining Topics in conjunction with the narrative to gain the appropriate level of understanding of the subject matter discussed. Appendices are either presented at the end of this and each remaining Topic or are available for review and download on this book's companion Web site (see the About the Web Site page for login information).


  • M&A in an operating business is one of a number of means to accomplish a strategic goal and generally results from a strategic planning and strategy development process.
  • M&A activity is the strategic activity of investor groups (equity funds, venture capital funds, etc.).
  • The work involved in strategy development in manufacturing or service firms is often found to be frustrating and difficult.
  • The questions, introspective search, dialog, and answers often are time consuming and unclear, particularly to the operating executives doing this work who are used to dealing with issues and process refinements of running a business and making ...

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