Chapter 6

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


Bullet Simplifying, solving, and graphing exponential functions

Bullet Checking all the ins and outs of logarithms

Bullet Working through equations with exponents and logs

Bullet Conquering a growth-and-decay example problem

If someone presented you with the choice of taking $1 million right now or taking one penny with the stipulation that the amount would double every day for 30 days, which would you choose? Most people would take the million without even thinking about it, and it would surely surprise them that the other plan is the better offer. Take a look: On the first day, you have only a penny, and you feel like you’ve been duped. But by the last day, you have $5,368,709.12! As you can see, doubling something (in this case, your money) makes it get big pretty fast. This idea is the basic concept behind an exponential function. Sound interesting?

In this chapter, you see two unique types of functions from pre-calculus: exponential and logarithmic. These functions can be graphed, solved, or simplified just like any other function discussed ...

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