Chapter 1


In This Chapter

arrow Refreshing your memory on numbers and variables

arrow Accepting the importance of graphing

arrow Preparing for pre-calculus by grabbing a graphing calculator

Pre-calculus is the bridge (or purgatory?) between Algebra II and calculus. In its scope, you review concepts you’ve seen before in math, but then you quickly build on them. You see some brand-new ideas, but even those build on the material you’ve seen before; the main difference is that the problems get much harder (for example, going from systems to nonlinear systems). You keep on building until the end of the course, which doubles as the beginning of calculus. Have no fear! We’re here to help you cross the bridge (toll free).

Because you’ve probably already taken Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry, we assume throughout this book that you already know how to do certain things. Just to make sure, though, we address each of them in this chapter in a little more detail before we move on to the pre-calculus that is pre-calculus.

If we cover any topic in this chapter that you’re not familiar with, don’t remember how to do, or don’t feel comfortable doing, we suggest that you pick up another For ...

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