Chapter 3

The Building Blocks of Pre-Calc: Functions

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying, graphing, and translating parent functions

arrow Piecing together piece-wise functions

arrow Breaking down and graphing rational functions

arrow Performing different operations on functions

arrow Finding and verifying inverses of functions

Maps of the world identify cities as dots and use lines to represent the roads that connect them. Modern country and city maps use a grid system to help users find locations easily. If you can’t find the place you’re looking for, you look at an index, which gives you a letter and number. This information narrows down your search area, after which you can easily figure out how to get where you’re going.

You can take this idea and use it for your own pre-calc purposes through the process of graphing. But instead of naming cities, the dots name points on the coordinate plane (which we discuss more in Chapter 1). A point on this plane relates two numbers to each other, usually in the form of ...

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