Chapter 19

AuBA Future Extensions Today

This book focuses on the tools and methodologies to accurately predict future malicious behavior. This specific chapter focuses on how technology can move into the future and specifically why we need such technology. It is not enough to have technology that can predict future behavior if we don't incorporate such technology into a new security framework. To move from complacency that embraces current reactive security practices to a more proactive approach that anticipates threat will require current security practices to embrace forward-looking technologies that are human behavior–based.

It is not unusual for practice to follow technological developments. This is particularly true for security practices. It is time to at least alert security specialists that we do have technology that can anticipate everything from advanced cyber threat to conventional asymmetric threat such as terrorism. It is time to not rely simply on signature detection or after-the-fact forensics to see what caused the compromise or damage. We need a new proactive security stance that can anticipate malicious behavior accurately and respond by having a course of action in place waiting when the attack comes. This chapter provides the background to suggest that the capability to be proactive is here now.

Predicting New Adversary Threat with Enhanced Accuracy

One of the primary problems with signature detection today is that once signatures have become apparent and we ...

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