Note: Page numbers followed by “b”, “f” and “t” indicate boxes, figures and tables respectively

AdaBoost model, 158–159, 159f
Anomaly detection
click fraud detection, 331b
credit card transaction fraud monitoring, 331
data errors, 330
distributional assumption, 330
distribution classes, 330
normal data variance, 330
characteristics, 332–333
classification technique, 334
clustering, 334
computer network traffic, 329
density based outlier, 333, 339, 339f–341f
distance based outlier, 333, 333f
data preparation, 336–337, 337f
Detect Outlier (Distances) operator, 337
distance score, 334–335
Euclidean distance, 334
Iris data set, 335, 336f
k-NN classification technique, 334–335
Outlier detection output, 338, 338f

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