Chapter 12

Creating Basic Prediction Examples

In This Chapter

arrow Installing the machine-learning software

arrow Working with a sample dataset

arrow Creating simple predictive models

arrow Visualizing and evaluating your results

This chapter is about installing and setting up the machine-learning software and using the Python programming language to create a couple of simple predictive models. There are a few modules to install and it will take a bit of time, so make sure you have plenty of battery life left if you’re working on your laptop. If you already have Python installed prior to reading this book, make sure you’re installing the correct versions of the machine-learning modules and dependencies for the Python version you’re using. In this book, Python version 2.7.6 is being used on a Windows machine.

If you’re following along in this chapter, you’ll dive right in and start working with a sample dataset. Don’t worry too much about the coding involved; most of the code will be provided and you can run it directly in the Python interactive interpreter, line by line. For most lines of code, you’ll ...

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