I could not have written this book without the love, guidance, and encouragement of my family: Lisa Schamberg (mother), Andrew Siegel (father), Maria de Fatima Callou (wife), Rachel Siegel (sister), Ene Piirak (stepmother), Patrick Robins (stepfather), and Anita King (grandmother).

A few cherished advisers provided extensive guidance and feedback on my writing. More than a mother to me—if such a thing is possible—Lisa Schamberg is also a natural scholar and brilliant former high school teacher who took the time to provide insightful input for every single page. John Elder, a top industry leader (and the subject of Chapter 1), has patiently enhanced my knowledge and writing in astounding ways, and placed his company's resources at my disposal to support the development of this book. Jim Sterne's patience and dedication assisting with my writing are matched only by his profound talent; he is also the godfather of Predictive Analytics World, which would not exist without him.

Shannon Vargo, my editor at John Wiley & Sons, Inc., provided resources, flexibility, and encouragement to nurture this project to life. The dynamic publishing duo Lee Thompson (throughout) and Myles Thompson (early in the process) gave me the extensive feedback and worldly context needed to bring this topic into the realm of the relevant.

Several people went above and beyond with extensive feedback and guidance: my father, Andrew Siegel; David Waltzer; Adam Cohen; Gary Miner; Dean Abbott; ...

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