Praise for Predictive Analytics

“Littered with lively examples…”

The Financial Times

“Readers will find this a mesmerizing and fascinating study. I know I did!…I was entranced by the book.”

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Siegel is a capable and passionate spokesman with a compelling vision.”

Analytics Magazine

“A must-read for the normal layperson.”

Journal of Marketing Analytics

“This book is an operating manual for twenty-first-century life. Drawing predictions from big data is at the heart of nearly everything, whether it's in science, business, finance, sports, or politics. And Eric Siegel is the ideal guide.”

Stephen Baker, author, The Numerati and Final Jeopardy: The Story of Watson, the Computer That Will Transform Our World

“Simultaneously entertaining, informative, and nuanced. Siegel goes behind the hype and makes the science exciting.”

Rayid Ghani, Chief Data Scientist, Obama for America 2012 Campaign

“The most readable (for we laymen) ‘big data’ book I've come across. By far. Great vignettes/stories.”

Tom Peters, coauthor, In Search of Excellence

“The future is right now—you're living in it. Read this book to gain understanding of where we are and where we're headed.”

Roger Craig, record-breaking analytical Jeopardy! champion; Data Scientist, Digital Reasoning

“A clear and compelling explanation of the power of predictive analytics and how it can transform companies and even industries.”

Anthony Goldbloom, founder and CEO,

“The definitive book ...

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