Praise for Predictive Analytics

“The Freakonomics of big data.”

Stein Kretsinger, founding executive of; former lead analyst at Capital One

“A clear and compelling explanation of the power of predictive analytics, and how it can transform companies and even industries.”

Anthony Goldbloom, founder and CEO,

“The definitive book of this industry has arrived. Dr. Siegel has achieved what few have even attempted: an accessible, captivating tome on predictive analytics that is a must read for all interested in its potential—and peril.”

Mark Berry, VP, People Insights, ConAgra Foods

“A fascinating page-turner about the most important new form of information technology.”

Emiliano Pasqualetti, CEO, DomainBot Inc.

“As our ability to collect and analyze information improves, experts like Eric Siegel are our guides to the mysteries unlocked and the moral questions that arise.”

Jules Polonetsky, Co-Chair and Director, Future of Privacy Forum; former Chief Privacy Officer, AOL and DoubleClick

“In a fascinating series of examples, Siegel shows how companies have made money predicting what customers will do. Once you start reading, you will not be able to put it down.”

Arthur Middleton Hughes, VP, Database Marketing Institute; author of Strategic Database Marketing, Fourth Edition

“Excellent. Each chapter makes the complex comprehensible, making heavy use of graphics to give depth and clarity. It gets you thinking about what else might be done with predictive analytics.” ...

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