Although it’s possible that the clips in your
sequence require no alteration, chances are
you need to modify them in some way, using
effects. In Premiere Elements, the rubric effects
encompasses any means by which you adjust
a clips audio or video characteristics, or
Effects are categorized by function: image
control, motion, opacity, volume, and filters.
By changing a clips motion properties, for
example, you can resize the clip for use as a
picture-in-picture effect or simulate a cam-
era move over a large image. Altering a clip’s
opacity lets you superimpose one clip over
another. And although you may not think of
changing a clips volume as an effect, per se,
you fade audio up and down in much the
same way as you raise and lower its opacity.
You can also apply any combination of audio
and video filters. Apply an equalization filter
to enhance a voice-over, or use reverb to imply
certain acoustics. Similarly, video filters can
alter an image in countless ways, from subtle
color correction, to fantastic distortions, to
combining (or compositing) parts of an image
with a background.
Adding Effects
Adding Effects

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