Chapter 14. Wrapping Up Your Movies

In This Chapter

  • Casting a critical eye on your finished movies

  • Exporting audio files and still images

  • Saving high-quality AVI files

  • Creating movies for iPods, PSPs, and videotape

As you work on more movie projects, you may find that you have a really hard time finishing a movie project. Some clip always lasts a few frames too long, or an effect keyframe isn't in exactly the right spot, or a title font doesn't look exactly right. There's always something — no matter how miniscule — that could be improved upon. Moviemaking is like that. But at some point, you have to give up tweaking your masterpiece and decide that it is "good enough."

Before you can actually stick a fork in your movie and call it done, you have a few tasks to perform to finalize the movie and get it ready for output. You should sit back and preview the whole thing, of course. You need to make sure that the project is rendered and ready for output. This chapter helps you put the finishing touches on your project and shows you how to export audio or still images from Premiere Elements. I also show you how to export movies for certain video devices like iPods, PSPs (PlayStation Portables), and tape-based camcorders.

Previewing Your Movie

I could start and end this section by simply telling you to click Play in the Monitor window to preview the current project. As an "oh-by-the-way," I could also mention that the effects and edits should be rendered before you export them. Rendering is the ...

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