Chapter 19. Ten Essential Extras for Moviemaking

In This Chapter

  • Ramping up with Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Getting ergonomic with multimedia controllers

  • Improving sound and image quality

  • Capturing better shots with tripods and helmet cams

  • Setting aside Web server space

I don't know about you, but I consider myself a gadget hound. As such, videography is a great hobby to pursue because there are definitely lots of video-related gadgets to play with — and new technologies are being developed every day. There are fancy camcorders and accessories, cool multimedia programs, and even some nifty add-ons for your computer. But I don't want to kid you — digital photography, editing, and multimedia technologies are among the more expensive technologies out there, so you have picked a rewarding (but expensive) hobby to pursue.

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket and you want to find out what kind of gear you need to be a more serious video enthusiast, this chapter is for you. In this chapter I show you hardware and software that help you create, edit, and share video more effectively — and more expensively.

Adobe Premiere Pro

I know what you're thinking. This is a book about Adobe Premiere Elements, and I'm already trying to up-sell you into a more expensive program. Not really; Adobe Premiere Elements is a great program, especially considering its very low price. But at some point you may decide that you need even more capabilities than those offered by Premiere Elements. And if you decide to ...

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