Chapter 13. Create DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Who ever thought that, one day, shiny little discs would change the way everyone watches movies? Shortly after the CD (compact disc) sparked a revolution in the audio world, DVDs (digital versatile discs) did the same in the video world. And just as audio made the transition from pop- and hiss-filled tape and vinyl recordings to the crisp, precise renderings of digital files when it jumped to CDs, video did the same when it moved from VHS tapes to DVDs. Great audio-visual quality. Durable enough to mail. Easy to store. What’s not to love? And now, Blu-ray discs have emerged as the next standard in digital video, with enough capacity to hold feature-length movies in all their high-definition beauty.

This chapter shows you how to create pro-quality video discs, complete with menus that let your viewers jump to a specific scene on the disc (or, for multi-movie discs, to a specific movie on the disc). You’ll also learn how to use use and edit the menu templates that come with Premiere. The first part of this chapter explains how to make menus. The last part gives you step-by-step details for burning your movies to DVD or Blu-ray discs.

If you don’t create a menu for your movie before you burn it to disc, your video starts playing as soon as someone pops it into a player. Premiere calls these "Auto-Play” discs, and they’re fine for short flicks. But if you fill a DVD or Blu-ray disc with video, your audience will appreciate some way ...

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