Premiere Pro CS3 Basic Editing: Video QuickStart

Video description

The best-selling Visual QuickStart Guide series is now available as online video! Video QuickStarts combine the practical, step-by-step approach of the Visual QuickStart Guide series with the immediacy of online learning to offer an all-new approach to mastering a new application or technology quickly. Each Video QuickStart offers short, task-based videos and rich graphics to demonstrate key concepts. Simply make your purchase online, log in, and within minutes you will be learning at your desktop. 

This video is organized into the topics and tasks most relevant to beginning and intermediate Adobe Premiere Pro users, and users new to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.  It can be viewed from beginning to end or you can jump to the feature that interests you most. The graphic located at the bottom of every video makes it easy to quickly scrub through each sub-lesson to find the specific task you need help with.  After viewing this video, you will understand the basics of editing video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, including capturing and importing footage, managing clips in a project file, creating an edited sequence, timeline editing basics, creating titles and working with effects.  The video also includes a complete tour of the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 interface, and will show you how to create a project and file structure, work with audio in the timeline, and output a finished sequence.

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Table of contents

  1. The Interface
    1. Introduction 00:03:54
    2. The Editing Workspace 00:04:55
    3. Additional Windows and Panels 00:02:20
    4. Contextual Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts 00:01:54
  2. Creating a Project and File Structure
    1. Premiere Pro Project Files and Clips 00:01:35
    2. Starting a Project in Premiere Pro CS3 00:04:02
  3. Capturing and Importing Footage
    1. Capturing and Importing Footage 00:04:19
    2. The Capture Panel 00:03:07
    3. To Capture a Clip Without an In Point or Out Point 00:03:38
    4. To Log and Batch Capture 00:02:24
    5. To Import Preexisting Clips into a Project 00:03:01
  4. Managing Clips in the Project Panel
    1. The Project Panel 00:02:10
    2. Using Bins to Organize Your Project 00:02:00
    3. Using List View to Sort Your Footage 00:02:11
  5. Working in the Monitor Panels
    1. Viewing Clips in the Source Monitor 00:01:31
    2. To View the Audio Portion of a Video 00:00:53
    3. Using the Playback Controls 00:03:10
    4. Cueing Clips Numerically 00:02:55
  6. Creating an Edited Sequence
    1. Creating a Sequence 00:01:40
    2. Setting In and Out Points 00:02:25
    3. To Create a Subclip 00:01:12
    4. Editing Using the Drag-and-Drop Method 00:03:20
    5. Editing with Monitor Controls 00:02:37
  7. Timeline Editing Basics
    1. Selection and Linking 00:02:56
    2. Deleting and Splitting Clips 00:02:17
    3. Navigating in the Timeline 00:01:45
    4. To Cue the Timeline Panel CTI 00:01:07
    5. Excluding and Locking Tracks 00:01:51
    6. Using the Trim Monitor 00:04:36
  8. Adding Transitions
    1. Adding Transitions 00:02:45
    2. To Adjust a Transition 00:02:28
  9. Previewing a Sequence Before Output
    1. Previewing a Sequence 00:04:19
    2. Storing Preview Files 00:01:21
  10. Working with Audio in the Timeline
    1. Audio Crossfades and Transitions 00:03:21
    2. To Show Track Volume in the Timeline Panel 00:02:04
  11. Creating Titles
    1. To Create a New Title 00:03:07
    2. Adjusting Title Parameters 00:02:41
  12. Working with Effects
    1. To Add an Effect 00:01:12
    2. Adjusting Effect Properties 00:02:41
  13. Outputting a Finished Sequence
    1. Exporting to Tape 00:05:34
    2. Exporting Files Using Adobe Media Encoder 00:02:30

Product information

  • Title: Premiere Pro CS3 Basic Editing: Video QuickStart
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2008
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780321549822