Present Yourself

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With the success of SlideShare and other online presentation sites, slide presentations have become the language of business. This practical book demonstrates how you can use this visual language to make the story of your organization, brand, or initiative effective and entertaining—and how social sharing networks like SlideShare, Prezi, and Scribd can present your story to a worldwide audience.

Using real-world examples from SlideShare users, Present Yourself puts marketing principles and business trends in context to help you understand how online presentations can boost your business. The final chapter provides case studies that reveal how organizations and individuals use SlideShare to meet their needs.

  • Learn the latest trends and technologies for visual communication in business
  • Discover how SlideShare works, and get started with your own account
  • Use SlideShare to plan, execute, and provide follow-up for event presentations
  • Share your wealth of content to promote trust in your company or brand
  • Anticipate a customer’s needs with knowledge-rich content about their market
  • Collaborate with colleagues and conduct online business research
  • Explore how presentations can help you recruit, hire, or get hired

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Table of contents

  1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
  3. Preface
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. How to Use This Book
    3. Why We Wrote This Book (from Kit)
    4. Safari® Books Online
    5. How to Contact Us
    6. Acknowledgments
  4. 1. Visual Thinking in Business
    1. Visual Information Is Easier to Process
    2. Evolution of Visual Thinking
    3. Accessibility of Images
    4. Visual Objects
    5. Visual Note Taking
    6. Slide Presentations in Visual Business
      1. Continuous Partial Attention and Generation C
      2. The Challenge for Presenters
      3. Storytelling Makes Mentors of Presenters
      4. Access Data to Create Visualizations
    7. The New World of Social Sharing
  5. 2. Getting Started
    1. Create a SlideShare Account
    2. Create Your Profile
      1. ADD Your Profile Picture
      2. ADD Your Personal Information
      3. ADD Your Contact Information
      4. Automatically Share Your Uploads
      5. Select Your Email Preferences
      6. ADD Privacy Settings
      7. Control How Viewers License Your Content
    3. PRO Accounts
      1. Benefits of PRO Accounts
      2. Customize Your Profile
      3. Upload Videos and Larger Files
      4. Platinum Custom Branding
      5. Create Private Presentations
      6. Monitor Viewer Activity with Sendtracker
      7. Understand Viewer Behavior with Analytics
    4. Upload and Edit a Presentation
      1. Privacy for PRO
      2. Embed a Youtube Video in Your Presentation
      3. Update a Published File
    5. Embed SlideShare Presentations on LinkedIn
    6. Get More Views with Widgets and Badges
      1. Slideshare Playlist
      2. Sidebar Widget
      3. Mini Badges
  6. 3. Events and Public Speaking
    1. Speaking at Industry Conferences
    2. SlideShare Across the Conference Lifespan
      1. Organizers: Research Program Topics
      2. Organizers: Find Speakers
      3. Speakers: Find Your Market
      4. Organizers: Prepare Your Team
    3. Publicize Your Event with Presentations
      1. Organizers: Attract New Attendees
      2. Speakers: Be Prepared
      3. Organizers: Use Hashtags
      4. Speakers: Benefit from Sharing Content
      5. Speakers: Pay it Forward
      6. Organizers: Promote Events
    4. Discussion Panels
      1. Role of the Panel Moderator
    5. The Unconference
    6. Lightning Presentations
      1. Pechakucha Night
      2. Ignite
    7. TED and TEDx
    8. The Investor Pitch Event
  7. 4. Content Marketing
    1. Identifying Sources of Content
    2. Your Presentation Content Strategy
    3. Storytelling in Presentations
    4. Search Engine Optimization
      1. Share for Optimization
      2. Develop Inbound Links
      3. Position Yourself with Authorrank
    5. Content Curation
      1. Using Pinterest with Slideshare
        1. Find things to pin
        2. Build your Pinterest community
        3. Eight ways to increase your Pinfluence
      2. Using With Slideshare
  8. 5. Sell, Sell, Sell
    1. Lead Generation
      1. Generating Leads with Leadshare (for PRO Accounts)
      2. Let Viewers Get in Touch
      3. Connect Your CTA to Your Value Proposition
      4. Track Your Leads
      5. Feed Your Leads into Salesforce
    2. Presentations in the Entire Sales Cycle
      1. Research Before Meeting with the Prospect
      2. Engage and Interact in the Meeting
      3. Follow Up After the Meeting
  9. 6. Research and Collaboration
    1. Using SlideShare for Research
      1. Quickly Find Results
      2. Keep Up with Trends
      3. Follow Thought Leaders and Research Reports
      4. Discover a Variety of Resources
      5. Research Best Practices
      6. Research Current Events
      7. Share User-Generated Content
    2. Using SlideShare for Collaboration
      1. Collaborate Across Geographies
      2. Use Zipcast to Collaborate
      3. Use Slideshare as a Team
      4. Incorporate Agile Development
      5. Sketch Ideas with a Design Studio Methodology
      6. Develop Prototypes Rapidly
      7. Overcome Collaboration Killers
  10. 7. Recruiting, Hiring, and Getting Hired
    1. Your Traditional Résumé Belongs on Nontraditional Platforms
    2. Let’s Get Visual
    3. Design Portfolio
    4. Four Locations for Your Résumé and Portfolio
    5. Build Your Network with the Power of Weak Ties
    6. Your Public Speaking Strategy
      1. Positioning
      2. Preparation
      3. Presentation
    7. Create Your Presentation Personality
    8. Ease into Public Speaking with Meetup
    9. Not a Public Speaker? You Still Need Presentations
  11. 8. Organizational Outreach and Communication
    1. SlideShare for Startups
      1. Demo Day at 500 Startups
      2. Startup Weekend
      3. The Art of the Start
    2. SlideShare for Nonprofits
      1. Developing Strategy
      2. Creating Community
      3. Developing the Organization
      4. Recruiting Volunteers
    3. SlideShare for Journalists
      1. The Evolution of New Media
      2. Getting the Word Out
      3. Highlighting Marginalized Populations
      4. Crowdsourcing and Social Journalism
      5. Curators as the New Editors
      6. Publishing News on Slideshare
    4. SlideShare for Government
      1. One-Stop Public Sector Publishing
      2. Local Government
      3. State Government
      4. Regional and Multijurisdictional Government
      5. Federal Government Transparency
      6. Public/Private Presentations
  12. A. About the Authors
  13. Index
  14. About the Authors
  15. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Present Yourself
  • Author(s): Andrea Meyer, Kit Seeborg
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449342364