Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery, 2nd Edition

Book description

Best-selling author and popular speaker Garr Reynolds is back in this newly revised edition of his classic, best-selling book, Presentation Zen, in which he showed readers there is a better way to reach the audience through simplicity and storytelling, and gave them the tools to confidently design and deliver successful presentations.

In this new edition, Garr gives his readers new, fresh examples to draw inspiration from, with a whole new chapter for those who present on more technical and educational topics based on techniques used by many presenters who give high-level talks at TED and other powerhouse events. Whether the reader is in research, technology, business, or education – this book will show them how to take what could look like a really dry presenation and reinvigorate the material in totally fresh (and sometimes interactive!) ways that will make it memorable and resonate with the audience.

Staying true to the mission of the first), Garr combines solid principles of design with the tenets of Zen simplicity to help readers along the path to simpler, more effective presentations that will be appreciated, remembered, and best of all, acted upon.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Praise for Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery, Second Edition
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Foreword by Guy Kawasaki
  8. Introduction
    1. 1. Presenting in Today’s World
      1. The Presentation Zen Approach
      2. Presentations Today
      3. Presentation Generation
      4. Presentations in the “Conceptual Age”
      5. In Sum
  9. Preparation
    1. 2. Creativity, Limitations, and Constraints
      1. Start with the Beginner’s Mind
      2. You Are Creative
      3. The Art of Working with Restrictions
      4. In Sum
    2. 3. Planning Analog
      1. A Bike or a Car?
      2. Paper, a Whiteboard, Post-it Notes, or a Stick in the Sand
      3. Slowing Down to See
      4. Asking the Right Questions
      5. Two Questions: What Is Your Point? Why Does It Matter?
      6. Handouts Can Set You Free
      7. The Benefit of Planning Well
      8. In Sum
    3. 4. Crafting the Story
      1. What Makes Messages Stick?
      2. Story and Storytelling
      3. The Process
      4. Editing and Restraint
      5. In Sum
  10. Design
    1. 5. Simplicity: Why It Matters
      1. Steve Jobs and the Zen Aesthetic
      2. Kanso, Shizen, Shibumi
      3. Amplification Through Simplification
      4. In Sum
    2. 6. Presentation Design: Principles and Techniques
      1. Presentation Design
      2. General Design Principles
      3. Signal-to-Noise Ratio
      4. Picture Superiority Effect
      5. Empty Space
      6. The Big Four: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
      7. In Sum
    3. 7. Sample Visuals: Images & Text
      1. Be Like Bamboo
      2. Think Like a Designer
      3. Differentiation
      4. Shift Happens*
      5. The Sustainable Food Lab*
      6. Aromatic Chemistry
      7. Presenting on Animal-Based Issues
      8. My Declaration of Independence
      9. Takahashi Method
      10. Inbox Zero
      11. In Sum
  11. Delivery
    1. 8. The Art of Being Completely Present
      1. Steve Jobs and the Art of the Swordsman
      2. Learning from the Art of Judo
      3. Contribution and Being in the Moment
      4. In Sum
    2. 9. Connecting with an Audience
      1. Jazz, Zen, and the Art of Connection
      2. Start Strong to Make a Connection
      3. Project Yourself
      4. Hara Hachi Bu: Why Length Matters
      5. In Sum
    3. 10. The Need for Engagement
      1. Emotions and Memory
      2. Mirror Neurons
      3. Power of the Smile
      4. Stimulate Their Curiosity
      5. Curiosity is Infectious
      6. Engagement is Not About Tools
      7. Remove Barriers to Communication
      8. In Sum
  12. Next Step
    1. 11. The Journey Begins
      1. How to Improve
      2. Conclusion
  13. Photo Credits
    1. Markuz Wernli Saito
    2. Introduction
    3. Chapter 1
    4. Chapter 2
    5. Chapter 3
    6. Chapter 4
    7. Chapter 5
    8. Chapter 6
    9. Chapter 7
    10. Chapter 8
    11. Chapter 9
    12. Chapter 10
    13. Chapter 11
    14. Cover photo
  14. Index
  15. Thank You

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  • Title: Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 9780132901529