Appendix B. Presentation Checklists

The Four Critical Questions

  1. What is your Point B?
  2. Who is your audience, and what is their WIIFY?
  3. What are your Roman Columns?
  4. Why have you put the Roman Columns in a particular order? In other words, which Flow Structure have you chosen?

WIIFY Triggers

  1. “This is important to you because . . . ” (The presenter fills in the blank.)
  2. “What does this mean to you?” (The presenter explains.)
  3. “Why am I telling you this?” (The presenter explains.)
  4. “Who cares?” (“You should care, because . . . ”)
  5. “So what?” (“Here’s what . . . ”)
  6. “And . . . ?” (“Here’s the WIIFY . . . ”)

Seven Classic Opening Gambits

  1. Question. A question directed at the members of the audience.
  2. Factoid. A striking ...

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