Chapter 11. Designing the Future

CHAPTER 10 USED SOME conceptual representation techniques to help you understand the present state better: who you’re designing for, the world they’re in, and the problems and situations that they face. Better understanding leads to better solutions.

This chapter is about using visual thinking and communication to envision the future state. What solution are you going to create, and how will it change that present state? This area is a mix of conceptual and literal representation, with a bit of visual metaphor thrown in. Let’s see how it applies to the following:

  • Helping your team rally around a common future with the Team Purpose Map

  • Envisioning the future state of your customers with the Superhero Booth sketch

  • Exploring goals with the Build-a-Bridge sketch

  • Knocking down the barriers with the Goal Barriers sketch

  • Envisioning a future product with the Experience Canvas

  • Bringing future experiences to life with storyboarding

Rallying Around a Common Future with the Team Purpose Map

Setting out to create a new product or service is one of the most exciting things you can ever do. But sometimes it’s worth parking that for a spell to first check how you as a team are functioning.

If you’re part of a startup business, it’s common to think of your business and your product as one and the same thing, having one and the same purpose. If you’re part of a larger business ...

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