Chapter 14. Spreading Your Wings

WELL, LOOK AT YOU! You’ve taken in a ton of learning, done the exercises, and answered some tricky questions along the way. Hopefully your eyes, mind, and hands have awoken to the amazing potential of visual thinking and visual communication through sketching. And if you were already on that journey, hopefully Presto Sketching has fleshed out those skills even more.

It’s time we part company for now, and it’s time for you take flight with your new turbocharged sketching skills. I want to leave you with some final words about the following:

  • Looking for opportunity

  • Trying new things

  • Getting into the community of visual thinking and communication

  • Setting yourself challenges

Keep Looking for Opportunity

There’s one thing I always try to instill in everyone who comes along to my sketching classes near the end of each class: it’s you who is in the best place to spot opportunities to use your Presto Sketching skills of visual thinking and visual communication, and it’s you who is the best person to take up those opportunities (Figure 14-1).

Figure 14-1. Find ways of bringing your new sketching skills into your existing job: Before you know it, you could have your sketches on the whiteboard in meetings, in presentations, on your intranet, and in client reports.

It’s ...

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