Businesses set the standards of integrity and performance for their own workforce, either intentionally or not. Beginning with recruitment, a company can purposely use scientifically developed procedures to assemble a capable and collegial group of coworkers or can, by default, leave things to chance. The standard for “recruitment for security” eliminates chance. This method develops an applicant pool sufficiently large to increase the probability of attracting applicants who can both perform the job well and secure it.


Goals: Develop a large applicant pool qualified to (1) perform both general and technical job tasks for a security-related job position (or job set) as well as to (2) secure the personal or business identifying information accessible to the requisite job tasks.

Objectives: Use the team approach, the information contained in the security job description, and a method called “snowballing” to attract a large number of job applicants for a given job set.

Exercise 1. “Snowballing”

Estimated Time per Job Set: Three Hours

In industrial and organizational psychology, the term “snowballing” often is used to describe the incremental aggregating of a large number of studies for use in psychometric meta-analysis. In “recruitment for security,” this snowballing technique is used to generate a large list of names of individuals who are likely to have interests compatible with a company’s ...

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