The Uniform Standards of the Business Information Security Program (BISP) emphasize performance to remain competitive and security to protect company assets. The cognitive ability test in Chapter 11 estimated performance by matching an applicant’s ability with the requirements of a job. However, ability without the motivation to perform the job tasks is unlikely to lead to very good job performance. Similarly, ability and motivation to perform the job without the initiative to help secure company assets would defeat company objectives. This chapter, therefore, is concerned with motivation, the second assessment in the test battery; Chapter 13 emphasizes integrity for security.

One final note before moving on: Remember the conditions of the BISP assessment battery that prohibits the administration of these tests to current employees; doing so would be in direct violation of strict legal statutes for fairness in personnel practices. As previously mentioned, current employees will be expected to help maintain an honest company culture, topics covered in Chapters 15 and 16.


Goal: Investigate and make recommendations to upper management for two options for a test of job-related motivation that will be used for future personnel selection.

Specific Objectives: Consider the two options (from Chapter 11 on personnel selection) for obtaining a test of motivation: (1) use an existing test, one developed ...

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